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Almerindo Sequeira AS Golf Academy by Almerindo Sequeira

Academy Philosophy

Our Teaching Philosophy

Every player is unique – instruction must be personalized to be effective

The Almerindo Sequeira Golf Academy teaching philosophy is to make our students aware of what is truly “Fundamental” in the golfswing and what is not. Understanding what you need to do with the club to create the desired golf shot is the only true fundamental of the golf swing. All the feels and so called “body positions” your experience are born out of what you do with the club in your attempt to hit a golf ball.

1.  Are you brand new to the game?
2. Would you like lower golf scores?
3. Do you need to cure a hook?
4. Do you need to cure your slice?
5. Could your short game use some help?
6. Do you need to stop topping shots?
7. Are you hitting fat shots?
8. Do you want to be a better putter?
9. Would you like to hit the golf ball farther?
10. Do you just want more enjoyment from the game?

If you answered yes to 3 or more of these questions, it’s time for you to come for a golf lesson!