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Almerindo Sequeira AS Golf Academy by Almerindo Sequeira


Do you operate all year around?
Yes, we operate 12 months a year.

I’ve never played golf before. Will I be lost? 
No, we teach many new golfers every year in a relaxed and supportive environment. We teach swing fundamentals and provide a solid golf foundation.

Is there a dress code for lessons?
Yes – we require a collared shirt when taking lessons. Tennis shoes or golf shoes are required. Also, jeans and cut-off shorts are NOT permitted.

Do you take brand new players?
Absolutely! I love to teach beginners. If you’re 100% brand new, you may want to hold off playing until you’ve had a few days of instruction, especially during the spring and the autumn when the courses in the Algarve can be crowded.

Do I need my own clubs?
We suggest you bring your own clubs since you’re used to them and so we can analyze them for you. If you don’t want to bring clubs, we can loan some to you free of charge. If you’re thinking about purchasing clubs, please wait until we can recommend equipment for you. We won’t pressure you to buy from us but please give us a chance to steer you in the right direction. We hate to see people needlessly spend money on the wrong equipment!

Are you going to completely rebuild my swing?
We hope not! Again, this is where the experience gives us an advantage. We recognize that no 2 swings are alike and that each student has his own set of skills and or limitations.

Are your Academy popular with women?
Our latest research tells us that approximately 35% of our students are women and that number continues to increase each year.

What are the temperatures in the Algarve all year round?
The average temperatures are (Winter between 12 /20) (Spring between 15 /25) (Summer between 25 /35) during the day.